Meet THE Beauty Mentor: Kristiauna Mangum

KristiaunaKristiauna Mangum is a 28-year-old woman of God. The valedictorian of her business class in 2012, she became the owner and founder of an enterprise called The Beauty Mentor, LLC, a Christian faith-based company that provides beauty and mentoring services for young ladies. Kristiauna founded The Beauty Mentor upon eight core biblical principles: Beauty is…patience, kindness, modesty, decency, a loving character, gentleness, joy, and God’s creative ability flowing through us. She believes these core competencies need to move from the abstract, conceptual realm into real-life applications. Providing practical applications to her protégés, and not just mere concepts, helps her clients realize their full potential of being beautiful on the inside and out. In the Greater Columbus area, Kristiauna is currently the leader over the Grace Program for girls in 3rd-5th grade at Columbus Christian Center, a part of the women’s core team, board member for Increase CDC, and a lead prayer intercessor. As a business-savvy entrepreneur, Kristiauna has worked diligently in the beauty industry for the last ten years, being featured in national commercials, advertisements and newspapers such as the New York Times, Oprah radio, and syndicated news station Inside Edition. Her God-given success has also landed her in magazines such as Allure, Cosmo, and Elle. Even with success “in the world,” Kristiauna’s strongest desire is to develop young girls and women in the body of Christ. The Beauty Mentor’s mission is to: “Reveal, Redirect and Restore the Truth about Beauty.” She helps women and girls find their true beauty identities by cultivating their spirits, souls and bodies. Her company stands on Romans 10:15 and Isaiah 61:1-3. Kristiauna teaches youth entrepreneurship classes and sells organic beauty products online and in local retail stores. Kristiauna embodies the qualities every day that The Beauty Mentor stands on and endeavors to sow these seeds into everyone she encounters.

From Miss Kristi’s Heart

Well, American Heritage Girls family, I can truly say this new alliance with you does not feel like any other experience I’ve had before with any other organization. My heart is full of so much love for you all. When I first learned about your organization, my heart leaped with so much joy. Your mission and your passion so deeply connected with the vision and mission I have for The Beauty Mentor. I am beyond thankful to our Heavenly Father for bringing us together; we truly are a divine connection! I know that The Beauty Mentor will be able to share so many beautiful ways to help you deepen your relationship with Christ. My desire is to teach you the truth about beauty from all three parts of your being: spirit, soul, and body. We will have a lot of fun together serving God and others. I’m grateful to come alongside you and help you all develop in this journey that we call life. Miss Kristi is here to help lead, guide, encourage, support and propel you into your kingdom destiny. In my blog posts, I will answer questions on all kinds of subjects and speak with love and truth at all times. I look forward to hearing back from you all soon. Let me know some topics you would like for me to cover as your new beauty mentor!

Current Topics I will cover:fun makeup picture

  • Principles of True Beauty
  • DIY Beauty Products
  • Video Tutorials
  • Make-up and Skin Care 101 and 202
  • The Beauty of Balanced Emotions (Mental health)
  • Safe Cosmetics
  • Healthy Eating. Juicing and Smoothies for Health and Clear Skin
  • Art Journaling
  • Inner Beauty Journaling
  • Business basics for people of faith/Youth Entrepreneurship
  • Relationships with friends, family, and courtship
  • And MUCH MORE!!

New Patch Program!Law of Kindness

GREAT NEWS! I’m not only your new Beauty Blogger, I have also created a special patch program for you! It’s all based around The Law of Kindness!

The patch is designed around a new DIY Law of Kindness lip gloss making kit and journal! Its super easy and a ton of fun. October is National Anti-Bullying month and The Law of Kindness DIY lip gloss kit was created to remind us to speak kind words at all times. Proverbs 31:26. DIY Kits can be purchased on Etsy. Have your Troop Leader contact me for more details.

Stay tuned all this month for more info and special social media contest. I look forward to seeing you all earn your first patch with The Beauty Mentor. Check out this YouTube video of some of my ambassadors who started the Anti-bullying Campaign with me!


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