Beauty is… Kindness

When is the last time that you did something kind for someone? Better yet, when have you been kind to someone that does not know you and can do nothing for you in return? So many days in our lives we miss opportunities to show Christ-like actions such as: helping someone, paying them a sweet compliment, or writing a small note of appreciation. Many times we don’t do these small things because we are so busy text messaging, checking Facebook and Twitter, or checking off items on our own to-do lists. As Christians we are supposed to be Christ’s hands, feet, and face in the world. Yet if it does not fit into our agendas, we simply ignore small opportunities to bring light into someone else’s day. To provide kindness in a dying world is such a beautiful thing and you will find more joy added into your own life. Allow your beauty to come forth and touch people just by being kind to others.

10 ways to show kindness this week

  • Write a thank you note to a teacher or friend
  • Open the door for a stranger
  • Give someone a compliment
  • Ask someone you don’t know if you can help them with something (with a parent’s permission)
  • Send a letter to your parents or grandparents
  • Buy your best friend her favorite hot drink
  • Volunteer one hour of your time to a group in the community that needs volunteers
  • Ask people how their day is going and actually LISTEN to them
  • Tell someone that you HONOR them
  • Go through your things and donate something of value to you to a local charity

The word says a virtuous woman…
“opens her mouth with wisdom and in her tongue is the law of kindness”.
Proverbs 31:26

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9 thoughts on “Beauty is… Kindness

  1. Hey Elisanna,
    Thank you so much for your comment…. One thing that was awesome about David too was that he was after God’s heart! When we are after his heart, we can’t help but act like him. When we draw close to him her draws close to us. The closer he comes to you… the easier it is to represent him in all that we do. Our God is so full of loving-kindness towards us. The least we could do is express ourselves the way he expresses himself towards us.


  2. Hi Deliah,
    I appreciate you commenting! I know it’s not easy to admit sometimes how easy it is for us to be wrapped up in our own lives… but, I love your honesty and that alone shows the content of your heart. I really hope having this list comes in handy for you. Just a few moments of being “present” for someone else can make huge difference in your life and theirs!


  3. Hi Loren,
    Thanks so much for your comment…. I remember when I was still working in retail I challenged myself to tell m customers that “I honor them”. You would be amazed at the looks I received and even the tears that would form in people eyes. Everyone desires to be honored. Honor is deeper than just mere respect. I hope you will share this post with others! I have a new one coming out soon. 🙂
    Blessing to you!

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  4. Makes you realize how selfish we can be. And we should be like King David in the bible looking for someone to be nice to.


  5. Wow, I never thought about how selfish we are on a regular basis! It’s a great idea to have a list of kind things to do for those we know and love, and even those we haven’t met yet!


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