The Best Kind of Friend

An Upside Down Devotional

“And although Frieda B. didn’t feel it inside, the belief of her friend gave her courage to try.” ~ Frieda B. and the Finkledee Ink

“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.” Proverbs 17:17

You’re an American Heritage Girl – Wahoo! You’re surrounded by hundreds of girls on a similar journey… Finding your unique identities in Christ. And although you’re not friends with all, or even most, of them… well, actually, you are. Because you’re family. And as God’s daughters, you’re called to be the very best kind of friend – an Upside Down one – to each other and to the world around you.

Let me explain. 

Imagine you had two pairs of glasses… One that sees things as the world sees them, and the other that sees things as God sees them. Think they might see things differently? Yep. Quite a bit. And friendship looks a lot different through world-glasses than it does through God-glasses.

Put on those world-glasses. This is how we see friendship without Christ. Without Him as our focus, our selfish nature can take over. We tend to want what we can get out of a friendship: fun, attention, status. With that as our focus, we might pick and choose friends based on what they can do for us.

But this kind of view does not show us how to be the best kind of friend.

Now put on the God-glasses. This is how we truly see friendship, through Christ. With Him as our focus and example, our loving nature can take over. We seek what we can put into a friendship: support, love, companionship. We befriend others with a focus on what we can do for them.

It’s Upside Down. And it’s very, very good.

God calls us His children. As such, we’re family, brothers and sisters. Which means you, indeed, are surrounded by hundreds of Upside Down Friends. In Proverbs 17:17 we’re each called to love as His family – all people, at all times. In fact, it says we’re born to be a support to others going through hard times. >Wow!< In the book Frieda B. and the Finkledee Ink, Frieda’s dog Zilla portrays this God-glasses kind of love, supporting and encouraging Frieda B. in a lower-than-low moment. It means the world to her – and she loves him back with all her heart.

Which leads me to one last amazing Upside-Down Friendship secret: When you focus on doing for others… they tend to focus on doing for you. And that, my dear friend, is the very best kind of friendship to have.

Dear Lord, thank you for all You have done for me. Out of love and gratitude, may I be an Upside Down Friend, focusing on what I can do for others rather than what they can do for me. Please help me share the Upside Down Love of Christ with the world. Amen.upside down friend

This devotional was written by Frieda B. author Renata Bowers. The Frieda B. series is the winner of the 2015 National Moonbeam Award for Best Picture Book Series. AHG has three fun-filled Frieda B. patch programs to help each girl dream big and believe in her own unique and very important story. Learn more about AHG’s friendship with Frieda B.

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