Dog Blog: Murphy!


Hi, my name is Murphy, and I like to chew things (usually things that I’m not supposed to). I also like to play with my family and stuffed animals. Here I am with one of my dragons that I like to retrieve when my owners throw it. Then I like to play keep away! I also like to chew bones and squeak toys in front of my owners’ faces. I am a friendly dog, and I will jump on you when you come near me. Don’t be scared! I just want to say hi and sniff you. Finally, I also like a lot of people petting my beautiful fur.



P. S. My owner Kristin (an Explorer in OH0323) wrote this poem about me. Kristin is a great owner!


Murphy is my dog.

He eats like a hog.

He wags his tail when I come home.

Murphy growls at me if he has his bone.

Murphy likes to chew things up.

Murphy once ate a cup.

Murphy’s my cute pet.

When he gets sick he goes to the vet.


Kristin and murph
This is me, Kristin, and Kristin’s older brothers.

28 thoughts on “Dog Blog: Murphy!

  1. Oh, cute! Reminds me of a poem I made:
    Make this cat stay off my bed!
    The cat, the cat, with fur colored red!
    His name is Larry but I call him Ted;
    This cat named Ted is gonna wreck my bed!


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