My Family

By Tenderheart Azriel Eve

Troop VA 2015

To me a family is a group of people that are a team and they love each other! My family is me, dad, mom, two sisters, and three brothers. My extended family includes my Grandma, Granny, Gramps, Papa, three aunts, three uncles, and 5 cousins. The actions of my mom and dad affected our family in a great way when they adopted two years ago.

God had chosen two boys from Uganda, located in Africa, for my family. My mother and father had to leave home to get them. I was disappointed that they had to go. They spent five weeks together with the two boys, but came home without them because the embassy didn’t give the boys visas right away. Then, my dad went back to settle things for another week and came home with James and John. I was excited to meet them. When they arrived it was snowing and they thought it was beautiful. When we got home, Titus and I asked if they wanted to see our rooms, without knowing what we said because they barely spoke English; they followed Titus and I to our rooms. That night we had pizza for dinner. Trinity asked James if he wanted pizza. James said no, but John was fine with it and ate it all up. That was 21 months ago when they first got home. James is now 11 and John is now 7. Our family has a long story and this is part of it.

My family loved James and John before we even met them. During the adoption, Granny and Grandma showed helpfulness when they cared for all of us while my parents were in Uganda. In court, my parents had to be honest and show respect to Judge Moses. My parents had to leave James and John and come home to do paperwork. James and John had to trust that they would come back to get them. My mom and dad were responsible for making sure the boys had clothes, food, money, and paperwork while they were apart. We had to cooperate with the embassy and answer all their questions to get the visas for the boys. We all got to Skype during this long journey to communicate.

Here is my great family of 8! I’m the one holding the brown chicken!

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