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Meet Chickadee

Loves Jesus but hates the Christmas tree!

Hi, my name is Chickadee. Yes, I know, it’s a bird’s name. This is what a Chickadee is supposed to look like:

Chick 2

I don’t look anything like that tiny bird. I’m a full blooded Siberian Husky. That means that I am a Northern Breed Dog directly descending from the original sled dogs of north-eastern Siberia. I have a very thick, fluffy double coat that keeps me warm in extremely cold weather. I am 15 years old. That’s old for a dog, but I am still very spunky and spry. I belong to these small humans:

Chick 3


Each December a brightly lit tree shows up in my living room. My small humans get very excited about this mysterious tree and its decor. I am not a fan at all. Matter of fact, I am convinced each year that this tree needs to be destroyed.

I kicked off December 2015 with this song:

Chick 4

I really want to eat that fuzzy husky ornament…but I know Jesus is watching me.

Chick 5


This shiny ornament looked dangerous, so I attacked it. I’m secretly grinning here.

Chick 6

Last year, I pulled off the bottom layer of twinkly Christmas lights and destroyed two rows of branches. The next day, I turned the entire tree 180 degrees by walking around it. This is a picture showing how exhausted I was from my attempts. Again, I’m grinning in my slumber.

Chick 7

This is an action shot of me running. I plan my Christmas tree schemes during these times. I know this is the year that I will complete my mission. Thanks for reading and I hope that you all have a Merry Christmas! If you need your Christmas tree destroyed…I’m your dog!

Chick 8



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  1. that’s the best name for a husky!! ( at-least to me!) LOL
    Huskys are one of my favorites( after labs) 🙂


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