Dog Blog: AJ!

AJ the Dog

By: Explorer, Luci

AJ is a purebred labrador retriever, and he has a rare fox red coat!

He loves to chew! He chews on thing he’s not supposed to some times though!

AJ is 5 years old, and lazy inside, but super active outside.

AJ is also a rescue dog! He was a puppy when he was saved by my BFF’s brother.(My BFF is also in AHG)

He and his puppy-mates where entangled in barbed wire!

He is really sweet and unlike most dogs he LOVES to cuddle with us!

He is very protective and put himself in harms way for us!


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  2. AJ is such a cute dog. I also have a Labrador that we rescued from an animal shelter. She sounds a lot like your dog. My dog Daisy is 4 years old and she is chocolate brown,

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