Pioneer Poetry

By: Pioneeer, Breanna, OH7777


Jesus is the light,

We are all in his sight.

In the beginning,

Even when there was no sinning,

He was with God when He got the world spinning.

When He came to the World

People disregarded Him,

Still, He didn’t sin.

Few accepted Him,

Many neglected Him.

Jesus came to forgive,

So that we can eternally live.

Be With God

Daniel was thrown into a lion’s den,

Even though he did not sin.

King Darius was Daniel’s friend,

This was not how he wanted Daniel to end.

King Darius was tricked into signing a law,

This law had one great flaw;

To worship King Darius,

Not the one true God.

Daniel prayed to God,

He used his might to shut their mouths for a night.

This showed King Darius God’s light,

At once the wise men were thrown into the den,

And of course that was the end of them!

So, whenever you’re in doubt,

Be with God, not without.

Breanna- cave

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