Berlin’s AHG Story

By: Patriot, Berlin VA1024

I joined American Heritage Girls because of my cousin, Kiersten. She was already in and kept talking about how fun it was. She had been in AHG for several years, and every time we were together she would show off her Badges or talk about what the Troop had done. AHG looked really great and I wanted to join, but we live a couple of hours apart so I could not join her Troop.

I was very excited when I heard a new Troop had started in our area. I was so excited that my mom and dad let me join. I met some new friends and some girls I knew from our local homeschooling group where there too. I joined my first year as a Pioneer. When I first began there were 7 girls in PI/PA. Now, two year later, we have thirteen girls! We have so much fun every meeting because we play games, and learn new things.


KODAK Digital Still Camera

This picture is shortly after I joined AHG. My cousin, Kiersten (Right) and I (Left) are placing flags at graves of men who served with our ancestor during the Civil War.

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