My Pets

my pets 6

By: Tenderheart, L. S.

I have 4 cats and 2 bunnies

Sometimes they’re really funny.

Socks, Dorothy, Snowball, Daisy

Sometimes silly, sometimes crazy!

My bunnies are Coke and Fluffy

They’re furry, soft, cute and cuddly.

Their favorite food is crunchy

It’s corn on the cob and yummy!

15 thoughts on “My Pets

  1. I really like your poem! It’s really creative. I like to write, too. You did a very good job! I think you should earn the Creative Writing badge.


  2. what a lot of pets you have, they are all so cute , and they all have some cute names too. the pictures are cute. my favorite one is the one that your cat was in your chrismas tree. have a good one with all of your pets, most of all have some fun with each one.


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