Little Brothers

By: Explorer, Jada, OH0413

Today my brother and I went outside to play in the snow. We went into the front yard and I started shoveling the driveway. He says, ’’Stop it! Dad says I can shovel the driveway this year.” I give the shovel to him and he discovers he cannot lift the shovel with snow in it. When I start shoveling again, he throws snow over the area I just finished. Little Brothers!

Little brothers can drive you crazy! But, there are some perks. He kills all my spiders, he’s my buddy on long car rides, and he’s a great video game partner. It may not be easy, but I didn’t say it’s not fun!

On the days you’re wishing you didn’t have a little brother, my advice is to focus on the good stuff. Because wouldn’t it be boring without them?!



3 thoughts on “Little Brothers

  1. i agree i have one younger brother and one older brother so im a Daisy between two thorns. but i agree it would be boring without them but they also have their perks. good luck surviving with him.


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