Our First Food Drive

My name is Keira; I am an Explorer with American Heritage Girls. I belong to KY 5408 from Western Kentucky. My troop is small there are only thirteen girls, but that doesn’t stop us from doing big things.

On a cold rainy day in January, my troop organized a food drive. We set up at a local grocery store. We Handed out flyers to customers with suggested items to donate. We made signs to tell people what we were doing and who we are.

Ky5408 collected money and food items, for about four hours and, yes, it did rain the whole time, but we kept smiling. The community graciously gave two carts full of groceries and close to $85.00 dollars.

We had this food drive to help The Lighthouse Community Food Bank continue to feed people. Many residents of our county rely on their donations every month. At our next meeting we will learn more about the Lighthouse Community Food Bank by going there and helping bag groceries for distribution.

first food drive

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