Cat’s Meow: Pepper

Hello, humans. I am Pepper the Cat. My human girl, Hannah, is writing this for me. Thanks to my paws and the small keys, I can’t type! My humans say I am really fat and SUPER furry. Me? I disagree.

pepper 1

Here I am staring at a bird outside. After 3 minutes of clawing at the window, I finally gave up.

Oh, here are some things about me.

  1. My favorite foods: Wet food chicken and wet food tuna.
  2. My favorite color: Ummm…. yellow?  (by the way cats see in color.)
  3. My favorite game: Chasing the laser pointer and batting a feather toy.
  4. My enemies: the vacuum and the humans bad dog, Max.pepper 2
  5. My friends: Hannah, and Molly my buddy cat.pepper 3Oops, sorry.
    pepper 4There! There she is!

Pepper signing off. Good bye! (It’s time for me to get my nap!)

P.S. Hannah is an Explorer in Troop PA 2937

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  1. I love your cat! It is so fluffy and I love it’s green eyes. I wish I could have it, but my dad is allergic to them.

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