Pinewood Derby 2016

By Lauren CA 0136

pinewood derby 1

My troop CA0316 has a yearly pinewood derby for girls and their dads to build and race derby cars. We had this year’s race in January. It was held at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa in the multi-purpose room. We hold the race to spend time with the rest of the Troop and our dads. This was a special year for me. My car was the fastest and won the gold trophy. The pinewood derby is a great event!


pinewood derby.gif

9 thoughts on “Pinewood Derby 2016

  1. The year before last year, haha, a teenager at my church won. She had been winning all the races the last seven years, then before all those years, her stinky brother had. Their grandfather REEAAALLLY gets those cars into shape. I couldn’t believe MINE didn’t! He works with wood and metal and everything everyday!


  2. Oh my goodness! My church does this too! Last year, my brother’s weights fell off right when he was racing in the finals 😡
    A bunch of the cars look like FedEx trucks that just drove through a cupcake factory.

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  3. Congrats! I REALLY think that that WAS a good idea. I want to know, though, why the post is called Pine Wood Derby?


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