Honoring Our Veterans

Hi! My name is Eve.  I am in First Grade and I am a Tenderheart in Troop MD3126.  I like being an American Heritage Girl because I do lots of fun things like our Penniless Princess Tea party and we learn cool things.  I made nice friends at American Heritage Girls.

One of my favorite things we did was go greet an Honor Flight.  An Honor Flight is when veterans come to Washington DC to see the monuments of the different wars that honors them. We woke up before the sun was up.  Our Troop went to Reagan National Airport to meet them.  There were veterans from World War II and the Korean War.  The veterans all came from Elmira, NY.   We clapped and cheered for them as they came off the plane.  It took a little while but it was all worth it.  The veterans seemed happy to see all the people cheering for them.  I felt happy because I got to celebrate them for their courageousness and plus I got to hold a very nice sign that one of our units made.  It was important that we did this because the veterans deserve it.

Eve holding Sign Honor Flight


3 thoughts on “Honoring Our Veterans

  1. I am suprised that such a little person did such a big thing. But I guess it is like that 1 VeggieTales. Where David yelled,”We must save Israel!!” Along with his brothers, but his dad told him to stay back with the sheep. A family friend got worried and sent food. David said that he would fight Goliath and he killed him. David killed Goliath I mean. The Israelite won! So little people can do big things. -Belle ☺


  2. I think that is very sweet that you and your troop did that. I am suprised that you and your troop are only in 1st grade according to how much you did with those veterans. -Isabelle Gibson ☺


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