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My heart was pounding. It felt like everything was falling apart; it was chaos in my house. Trying to keep everyone under control. It was sometime in September in the year of 2013. We had just listed our home on the market to sell it. A couple days later some guys came to take pictures of our house from different angles. Later, our realtor brought a big sign that said FOR SALE. It held a bunch of little posters, stuck in a slot on the sign. The sign attracted a lot of people. Coming in and going out, that was all people would do. For my family and I, we were trying to get a bunch of stuff into a little storage room. My brother got to help put stuff in storage more than I did. Whenever we got some extra stuff, we put it in.

Man! I thought it was hard enough with just three younger kids, but now that we had gotten three more little kids, things were even tougher. That is a whole different story I am about to tell you. In March 2014, we had two more kids put in our home for foster care. Then in April we got one more because their baby sister was born.

We were still on the market.  We had lots of showings and we went to lots of showings. It was hard but we made it through. First, we found a house we liked. It was as dirty as a rat hole. I liked the house at first because I always wanted a horse and we possibly could get one there. Then, we realized the driveway was like driving down a black diamond ski hill! Then we found another house in Golden. I didn’t like that house because I would have to share a room with my sister. Not that I don’t like my sister or anything, but she tends to get annoying. It really looked like we were going to get that house. I liked the pretty house in Golden, but I still didn’t want to share a room.

“Mom”, I said. “I don’t want to share a room, especially now that I have another little girl to share with along with Emma.” My foster sister was also 5 like my sister, Emma. My mom said she didn’t care, because sometimes siblings have to share rooms. Then we went on our vacation to Missouri. While we were there, we had a call saying our house sold! We didn’t think our house was ever going to sell. We were so excited because we couldn’t move until we had sold our house. By that time, we had lost the first house, so we had to find a new house and fast! While we were in Missouri, my parents looked on a website called Zillow.  When we got home, I went to Riley’s birthday party. While I was gone, my mom, dad, both brothers, and one of our foster kids went to see the new house. When I got home, my mom said they found the perfect house. She also said it was the best house and I would get my own room! I said,

“I will like that one better than the other house we looked at.” Then she said at our back up house, I will get my own room with my own bathroom. “Yea, yea, yea let’s get that house!” I answered. We looked at the houses two more times and decided we wanted the one where I would get just my own bedroom. I was bummed at first, but then I saw that the house was like a queen’s palace. Not quite as big, but pretty big. As we were packing up I heard a voice. It sounded familiar. I asked my mom if she could ask the buyer if he had a daughter named Camille. Then one of the girls said her name was Camille. I came in from the other room and saw her. We were so surprised that she was moving in my house! I was so relieved. At first I didn’t want to move, but then when I knew a friend was moving in our house, it made me feel better. The night before we moved, I told myself this was it. My dad and Grandpa already went and dropped stuff off at the new house.

It was here, the day was finally here! My Grandma and Opa came to help too and we all loaded every belonging in a huge moving truck. Our neighbor came over and gave us some kind of bread as a goodbye gift. Then it was time to go. We left the house after we walked the empty rooms one last time. Time to unload all the many boxes. I walked through our new, wonderful, pretty, bright, and huge house. After a while we noticed that there was so much the old owner did not tell us about. He lied about the nice hot tub and we found so many things wrong with the house. Our big backyard was very pretty with a narrow little creek that can be so dangerous for my little brother could fall in. Sometimes I sit outside in the fresh air. I hear birds chirping and feel the morning breeze. The wonderful sky is sometimes pink. When I am done eating my cereal, I let my white, skinny Chihuahua drink some of my milk.

Now that school is started, I get to bed at 9:00pm and wake up at 6:15am Every one likes the new house and we still talk about the old house. We had lived at our old home for my whole life and had so many happy times there. Now it is time for creating new memories and having exciting adventures in our beautiful, new home.


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  1. Elissa, you did a really wonderful job telling your story. I hope you and your family are doing well in your new house!!!!!!!!!


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