Watercolor Painting!

By: Explorer, Lydia, VT5842DSC02992

DSC02993Hello, my name is Lydia. I’m an Explorer in troop VT5842 and I’m eleven years old. I love to paint. I started painting with watercolors when I was six years old. I had an art teacher for a long time, but now I’ve stopped going over to her house. I still paint though. I’ve entered my paintings into a state fair a couple of times. I won first place one time. I like to mostly paint flowers, and the outdoors. I only paint with watercolors. I use Arches cold pressed watercolor paper. It’s thick, it has a good texture, and it doesn’t warp. That’s important because watercolors use a lot of water. I use a lot of different sizes of brushes and Holbein watercolor paint. If you think you might want to start watercolor painting, here is my advice: go slow and think ahead, and use plenty of water.


11 thoughts on “Watercolor Painting!

  1. My name is Lidia to! It is so cool that we have the same name.P.S. I love your pictures.


  2. You my friend, have talent. keep up the good work. in my opinion i prefer working with acrylic paint rather than water color (how can you do that?! i always have trouble with water color)


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