The Crosswalk

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My name is Lilly. I am an AHG Tenderheart. My family and I celebrated Good Friday last week. Me, my mom, and my little sister, Katlyn, walked in the Midway Crosswalk. Before we walked we listened to Christian songs about Jesus. And watched girls dance. When we walked we stopped and listened to more music and read scripture. It was a very long walk! I got to hold the cross while walking. My American Heritage Girls Troop was with me holding the cross. I had fun but it was heavy. It was amazing holding a cross just like Jesus did a long time ago. We got bracelets at the crosswalk. They said “We walk because He walked”. I really had fun walking and talking and reading bible verses. I hope I can do it again next year.

And I hope you will be able to join us!

Bye for now,


Tenderheart, NC2911

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