I Love Music

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My name is Isabella. I am 11 year and I love music. I get to go to the Toby Mac Detour Concert when it comes to my town.

I am really excited to see Britt Nicole and all the music artists. I am going with my mom. I know some friends will be there and I hope I am able to say hi to them.tobymac

Music can be really inspiring. Do you like music?

2 thoughts on “I Love Music

  1. I have been able to hear several Christian musicians perform including Toby Mac ,Casting Crowns and Chris Tomlin.

    I want to be a Worship singer/musician.
    The songs of Christian music Artists help me stay motivated toward my dream.
    A few favorite songs are Made to love, Thrive, At the Cross, Fix my Eyes and Live with Abandon.


  2. Toby Mac is a WONDERFUL guy and i love his music!!!:-) I love it!!! -ALLIE D.
    I love his new album: Feel it!!! I want to get ALL of his songs on iTunes! I think he’s a cool guy and Christian example!! -Lydia L.
    That’s so cool that you get to go to that concert!!! -Hope G.


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