Easter Cake

By: Sofia

Baking a cake on Easter Sunday can be so much fun!  Especially rainbow cakes! We had to make six different batters one red,one green,one blue,one orange,and finally one purple batter. I did the honors of pouring them into a big glass plate, we let it bake  for like thirty minutes or so and then we took it out hot ,hot ,hot. It was super hot which was good because it was going to cool down anyway.  We continued to work right away.  We got the icing on ,which by the way was blue and pink and then we started to add the sprinkles which were just pink. We looked for Easter eggs and then we ate our Easter lunch. Finally, we were at the most delicious part of Easter: Dessert! I grabbed my plate and took a bite … Mmmm!!! It was delicious! I wish we could do that every Easter Sunday!


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