Cat Chat: Minerva

My name is Grace. I am an Explorer in Troop VA2345. One of my cats is Minerva, she is small, gray and cute. This is the story of how my mom and I saved her.

One day after I came back from school, my mom and I went to pick the herbs in our herb garden. We came outside and were about to pick the herbs when we heard an odd sound, I am not exactly sure how to explain the sound but it was very fast and non-stop. At first, we thought the speedy mews were bird calls. But we weren’t exactly sure what it was so went to take a look, and guess what we found a small, fury and scared kitten. I picked her up and slowly carried her inside and showed her to my brother. We decided to keep her and discovered she was polydactyl, meaning she has more toes then the normal cat.


5 thoughts on “Cat Chat: Minerva

  1. Oh how sweet! You don’t know but I love cats. Before marriage and children, I had too many and people dropped them off to me. Your kitten is beautiful and bkessed to have landed with you. Love your article.😉


  2. What a wonderful story of your precious little kitty’s rescue. God left you a treasure in your herb garden that day!


  3. I bet it was scared and very lonely. How kind of you to save GOD’s pretty kitty. You provided it love, compassion, and kindness. What a good person you are! I love kitties too. They are so cute. Thank you for sharing your story!


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