Jump Rope Service Project

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This is a super fun service project my Troop did. One of the kid’s mom was going to a mission trip in Guatemala. We took t-shirts and made them into jump ropes. The steps are below. I suggest this as a service project for large and small troops. It is good for all ages. Younger girls for stretching,and older ones for braiding. It can be kept but is designed to be used for missions.

T-shirts to Jump Ropes 

  1. Collect old clean t-shirts (We had people bring them to a AHG meeting)
  2. Cut the shirts into strips, starting at the bottom. You’ll have rings, when done. (this is good for adults or older girls)
  3. Then stretch them out.(We played tug-a-war)
  4. Braid them together (tightly and when you get to the end of a strip loop another onto it.The strips are shorter than they appear so the rope should be at least 3 strips long)
  5. Tie the ends together when you are done braiding.
  6. Have fun!   IMG_4028

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