3 Sisters, 3 Poems


By: Tenderheart, Madison 

MarsThe planet is red

Made of rock and dust.

The rover is dead.

Maybe it will rust.

Mars has two moons

With less gravity.

Bring your spoons

Come to Mars with me.


By: Tenderheart, McKinleyPigs

I have a pig.

His name is Fig.

He has a wig.

He likes to dig.

He plays in dirt.

He wears a skirt

With a pink shirt,

With his friend Bert.

God’s Love

By: Tenderheart, MonroeGod's Love

God loves me.

He helps me, too.

I love him,

Just like you do.

I pray to him.

I love him so.

I read his book.

His love I know.

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