Katerina’s AHG Story

Hello, my name is Katerina and I am a Patriot in American Heritage Girls. I have been an American Heritage Girl for a year now. When I first got word about American Heritage Girls, I instantly was asking my mom if I could join. My parish was starting a Troop, and I defiantly wanted to be a part of it.

In a year, I have realized so much about being a leader. We aren’t a huge Troop, as there are only two Patriots in our Troop. With that in mind we have merged the Patriots and Pioneers to work on our Badges together. Being a Patriot, I am often given responsibility to lead discussion in our group. Another place I get leader experience is with activities that our Troop participates in. I often help the other Levels value and  understand the activity.

American Heritage Girls is such a good way to strengthen your spiritual well-being. Leading prayer, as well as the activities we have done, my view has really broadened on how God works in our lives.

Our Troop greeted War World II veterans at Reagan National Airport this year. Not only was the car ride a way to get closer to my fellow Troop friends, but seeing how our Troop was completely unified with this activity made it even better. We made thank you posters for the veterans to see when they got off the plane too. The emotions that the veterans had, showed how grateful they were that people took the time to honor them. God was completely present in this activity.

Another activity that our Troop participated in was a princess tea party. This activity was geared for the little girls to enjoy an afternoon dressing up as a princess and learning about God. They went home with the message that God will always love them. Personally, I think this message is so valuable for young girls to learn because with the pressures that are put on females in our society, learning that God will always love you, and that he thinks you’re beautiful I feel is crucial. God works through our leaders to speak the words he wants people to hear. The princess tea party was a prime example of this.

This year we also have been actively working to earn Badges. We have earned Our Flag Badge, working on our Internet Adventure Badge, are working on our Fire Safety and Fire Building Badges. It has been a busy year. I am so excited to be an American Heritage Girl. It is such a worthwhile extracurricular activity, and teaches females wonderful skills that they will hold dear to them for their whole life.


2 thoughts on “Katerina’s AHG Story

  1. We are sisters in an AHG troop in Florida. All the girls get along well with each other. Everyone has fun. Everyone gets a chance to be in the flag ceremony. Also we earn at least 3 badges per year. We love serving God, family, and country!
    Skylar and Summer L.


  2. AHG is such an amazing spiritual experience. My troop is smaller as well with being only 2 pioneers and no patriots! I love being in AHG as well! 😀


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