God and Life

By: Patriot, Laura, PA0304

I have gained much from working through the God and Life program. It has helped me to learn how to apply the Bible to my life. I know that I want to keep God first in my life, and I have a few personal goals towards helping me do that.

To nurture my relationship with Christ, I will:

  • Continue to read my Bible daily, as I have been doing for the God and Life requirement.
  • Pray throughout the day more often. I want to improve in my prayer life.

I also want to grow in service to others. I will accomplish this by:

  • Becoming more involved with my youth group. I have only been in my youth group for a short time, but I would like to do more – like attending Bible Study, being on a committee, or helping run anything in which extra hands are needed.
  • Getting involved with some kind of missions work at my church, most likely local missions.
  • Finding more opportunities for service projects/hours to help others. I enjoy serving others, and I want to look for more ways to do it.

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God and Life

How will you nurture your relationship with Christ?

God and Life