Zoe’s Service Story

zoe 1.pngHi I am Zoe from Troop CO1027. We are a new Troop and are having fun with it. We just had a food drive in January and we got a lot of awesome food and a lot of money. We made $100.00 in donations and 6 carts full of food! We filled up the pantry at our church and more. We had a lot of mac and cheese, and a weird milk thing I don’t even know what it was. With the food and donations we made more than we ever expected. And we did it all in the name of the Lord!


One thought on “Zoe’s Service Story

  1. Thats awesome!! My troop is new as well! For one of our community service projects we packed socks with food for homeless children it feels great to help others! 🙂


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