Harriet Tubman

By: Pioneer, Hannah, FL2101

Earlier this year some girls in my Troop were chosen to do a presentation of one of the Level Awards. I was one of them. We presented our paragraphs to some elderly at a nursing home as well as the rest of our Troop. My paragraph was about Harriet Tubman and why she was chosen for the Pioneer Level Award.

Harriet Tubman, a remarkable pioneer, fought diligently for the freedom of her people. Freeing more than 300 slaves over the course of 19 trips, this courageous abolitionist never paused to consider her own safety. Confident and determined, Harriet Tubman decided to run away upon discovering she was scheduled to be sold to a different plantation further south. At a young age, she was thwacked in the head with a heavy weight, putting her into a coma and causing her to have frequent blackouts. This devoted leader became the first woman to lead a military raid as she commanded an invasion on Combahee Ferry in South Carolina. Thinking of her as a role model, we have named our Pioneer Level Award after this brave and persistent pioneer.


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  1. Awesome!! I’m a pioneer as well and I’m super excited to be earning my Harriet Tubman award she was such an amazing historical figure. ❤


  2. So Cool! I just earned my level award and I really love how you are spreading awareness about AHG and Harriet Tubman, who was about one of the coolest women in history!


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