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Hi! My name is Regan and I’m a 7 year old Tenderheart from Troop OR2012! I am going to tell you about my dog, Joy.

Joy is almost two years old, and we have had her since she was a puppy. She is fun to play with, and she is so cute when she whines, yips or barks. Joy is a Decker Rat Terrier\Black Lab, and she LOVES to chase squirrels. She likes to curl up in a cute little ball on the couch. Here she is with my dad.


I’m Kenna, a Pioneer with Troop OR2012. I am going to write about the antics of our two year old dog.

Joy is the perfect name for my family’s little Decker Rat Terrier\Black Lab, because that’s what she is: A Joy!

We got Joy two years ago. Our family hadn’t had a dog for like 6 years, so we needed a little bit of practice training (and putting up with) a VERY energetic puppy. Thankfully, she was already potty trained ๐Ÿ™‚

Here she is as a puppy.

Joy 2joy 3

We soon realized what a commitment we had gotten ourselves into. Joy had difficulties “coming” when called, and she jumped on people. A lot. We ignored the problem… Until she was big and strong enough to knock over my little siblings (she is very strong for her size). She never gave up the habit, no matter how hard we tried to train her out of it. Now Joy jumps on guests…

Now, Joy is a better “comer,” and we have a “treat jar” full of her favorite treats. When she escapes onto the street, we shake the jar, and usually, she is suddenly there, sitting at our feet, waiting for her reward.

joy 4

One command she obeys every single time without fail is “kennel.” She stops whatever she’s doing and trots ahead of me in the direction of her kennel, shoulders drooping and ears back.

She has a very strong personality. If she wants, something, she wants it RIGHT NOW. Patience is definitely notย her forte. For example:

She has to “ask permission” to climb up and lay on the couch. She does this by daintily placing her head on the cushions and quietly woofing. If she is ignored, she gives a louder woof, followed by a whine. She repeats this process until she finally gets the massage that nobody wants her up there, and walks dejectedly away.

She seems to think that she is the queen of the world… She is in the spotlight, and us humans are just peasants, at her disposal. She’ll stand on the couch and look out the window, watching her “subjects” go by (and occasionally barking at someone who comes too close to her territory).

If she needs to go outside, she whines at the back door. However, if she sees a squirrel, she goes absolutely nuts! She barks, raising her hackles, and paws at the glass. If someone opens the door for her, she is off like a bullet after the innocent squirrel. She has never actually caught one, as they usually climb up a tree before she reaches them. She’ll chase anything, from cats to possums that stray out in daylight.

We love our dog very much despite her attitude, and the fact that she doesn’t always follow our commands. But that’s just how God is with us… I sometimes think I am the queen of the world, or doubt Him, or ignore his commands. But he just wraps me up in His love and forgives everything, and makes me feel like I am accepted, and loved, and a daughter of the true King of the World.



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