Do Chickens Have Lips?

By: Katy, NC0649

Do Chickens have lips? Well, they have lipstick or at least mine does.  Her name is Lily.  She’s an Americauna chicken and lays light blue-green eggs.  She isn’t very smart but she’s a good huntress.  She picked at something in a puddle full of pollen and ended up with yellow lipstick.  I love her!


8 thoughts on “Do Chickens Have Lips?

  1. I have chickens and I they are my favorite animal. I have 15 chickens . my favorite breed of a chicken is a Americana .


  2. That’s funny!!!😄 I live on a farm 👩🏻‍🌾 and have 🐓 and 🐄!!! They are soooooo 😂


  3. I have 2 Americaunas and 3 Barred Rocks. The Americaunas are named after their color Lily is white and Ginger (Ginny) is orange. The Barred Rocks have Hebrew names: Zippora (Zippy), Mahala (Lolly), and Josephine (Josey).

    Taking care of them is hard but fun. I enjoy it too. 🐤


  4. Awesome Katy! I have chickens as well, my favorites are Americauna and Barred Rock breeds. Both of my americauna chickens lay green eggs like Lily does, their names are Judy and Shirley; (all of my chickens have old lady names on purpose btw 🙂

    It’s a really cool experience to own them and I really enjoy it, I hope you do too.

    Jenna, KS troop 0412


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