Lauren’s Tallahassee Trip

By: Explorer, Lauren, FL1106  

On February 10-12 of 2016, I went to Tallahassee.  I went to The Governor’s Mansion, the new and old Capitol buildings, The Museum of Science and History, and Wakulla Springs.

The Governor’s Mansion is very beautiful. Although I didn’t get to see Governor Rick Scott, I did get to meet his dog, Tally.  She is a golden retriever.


The Old Capital Building was very interesting.  The Building is 2 stories high.  It has two court rooms.  In one court room, you couldn’t go inside.  The second court room I sat in the judge stand and in the crowd chairs.  There are many historical artifacts in the building.


The New Capital Building was tall and kind of intimidating.  It is 22 stories high.  I was able to sit in on The Senate Legislation meeting of Florida.  When we were in the meeting, they were passing bills and making laws.


We also visited The Museum of Science and History.  I thought it was so amazing to learn about Native Americans and The Civil War.  It has a place called Grandma’s attic were I was able to get dressed up.  There are very neat and old race cars.  The museum was very educational.

The Wakulla Springs State Park was such a lovely place.   I went on a riverboat ride. My tour guide’s name was Jonah.  He was very funny and nice.  I was able to see many pretty birds, manatees, turtles, and alligators.  Wakulla Springs is where Jonah grew up.  The movies “The Creature From the Black Lagoon” and “Tarzan” were filmed at the park.  My trip was very exhilarating.


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