Shoe Drive

By: Hannah, IA2206

My troop, IA2206, participated in a shoe drive for Bible Baptist Church’s shoe pantry. The church collects gently used shoes, cleans them, and gives them to people who can’t afford shoes. At my church, Northgate Alliance Church, I set out a collection box, and we picked up bags of shoes from friends and we gathered 88 pairs of shoes. All together, my Troop brought in 400 pairs of shoes! The pastor who received all the shoes was very happy.

Our Troop got our picture in the newspaper, which excited me a lot. My mom and a friend created this Troop a short while ago and ever since, we’ve been thought of like we were a scouting organization and I’ve never liked that. By having our name, American Heritage Girls, in the paper, I think people will finally understand. This was a big service project and I think it was a good experience for our Troop.


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