My First State Fair Quilt

By: Pioneer, Lindsay

Lindsey 4

This is my second quilt I have made for fair. The first one is made of bandanas. I got second place for that. This rainbow quilt is called a jelly roll. You take strips of fabric and sew them together. You don’t really need to pick a design for this, just sew and sew. This quilt took me almost a year to make. I made lots of mistakes doing this. I had a lot of seam ripping to do. That was hard. When it was judging day at the county fair I was a little scared but also felt confident. The judge was really nice to me and gave me a blue ribbon for doing well. I believe it was the second day of fair and I was at a sleepover at a friends house and all of a sudden my dad calls and says “You got an award of excellence and a trip to the state fair.” I couldn’t believe it. So when I got home my dad showed me a picture of my quilt. I was really happy.

When it came time for the state fair I was really nervous. It was my turn to show my quilt to the judge and the other girls who were there to be judged said that my quilt was very cute. The ribbons were handed out and I saw that my quilt got first place. I was just amazed. Now I hope my story would inspire other girls to make quilts.

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