Connie’s Michigan Vacation

By: Tenderheart, Connie, IN2324

Hi, I’m Tenderheart Connie. I’ll be moving up to Explorer next year. In June of 2016 we went to Michigan and rented a house named Amanda’s House, which is cool because my mom’s name is Amanda! My brothers James and Benny and my cousins Ellie and Simon were coming over with us, a well as our Grandma and Grandpa. We visited the lake about four times, and went swimming there (I loved it, but James seems to be frowning for some reason). We got to sleep in bunk beds, and I loved playing basketball in the back yard. There on the left, I’m the one in the pink swimsuit. We had a really fun time sitting up late and playing with our American Girl dolls. I can’t believe we visited one of the biggest lakes in our country (that was probably my favorite part: sitting by the lake and looking at the seagulls flying over me)!


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