By: Pioneer, Olivia KS0167

Hello!  My name is Olivia and I am a 14 year old Pioneer in Troop KS0167.  I have been drawing ever since I was one or two years old.  I would get up in the morning and go straight to my desk to begin coloring or drawing.  Animals are my favorite thing to draw.  I hope to get a job as an artist someday.

I also like to sew, sing, do crafts, and make jewelry.  I have sewn a vest, a dress for my sister, and I am working on a lap quilt right now.  I have an aunt who also enjoys sewing.  She has been willing to help me whenever I ask.

I enjoy trying new things.  It doesn’t always turn out well, but that is okay.  Trying new things could introduce you to a new interest or talent.   At first I only liked to draw with pencils or pens.  I did not care to use paint.  One day I tried painting with acrylics and discovered that I enjoy painting as much as drawing!  Don’t be afraid to try something new!




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  1. wow u r so good. im 12 and i drew a really good sketch and gave it to my friend and she lost it really quickly. it made me very mad / sad but we r still friends.


  2. You are so talented! I hope God leads you to becoming an artist someday! But whatever he makes you become it will definetly be amazing!


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