Dog Blog: Ellie Bellie

By: Annabelle

Whenever I go to my Aunt Kim’s, I come for 2 reasons. One of the reasons being her dog, Ellie. Ellie is a Chinese Shar Pei puppy. We named her in honor of my Uncle’s Mom Eleanor, and her color being gray/blue. She’s wrinkly and loves face rubs! She’s small for her breed but full of energy!

There was one time where we were in my Aunt’s room and she was zooming around. So to wear her out, I threw her toy. And the fifth time I threw it I had to chase her around just to get the toy back! I would run and then she take such a sharp turn I would almost fall! The other time I was planning to throw it forward, but it ended up hitting the fan and going backwards! I love Ellie soo much!!!!!!!!!!!


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