Lost Tooth

By: Tenderheart, Arielle, VA6103

My name is Arielle.  I am an AHG Tenderheart. I love losing my teeth and I can’t stand having a wiggly tooth in my mouth.  My mother is always complaining that when I have a loose tooth my fingers are always in my mouth.  She even warns me that if I wiggle it too much before it is ready, my new tooth will take forever to come in and fill my gap.  I still keep wiggling.


As my squad was working on our Creative writing badge and I had just lost a tooth, I thought that this poem would be appropriate.

A tooth fell out, and left a space

So big my tongue could touch my face.

Every time I smile, I show

a space where my tooth did grow.

I miss my tiny tooth as you might guess

But happy day, I have to brush one less.

And even though I might look funny.

The tooth fairy left me money!




4 thoughts on “Lost Tooth

  1. Very cute lol I remember how much fun it was to loose baby teeth when you were young 🙂


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