Artist: Lauren

By: Explorer, Lauren, VA6103

Hi! My name is Lauren. My troop number is VA6103. I love to draw all kinds of art. Some is fan art and some is just for fun. I like drawing because I find enjoyment in taking ideas from my head, and putting them on paper.  I mostly use pencil and paper for drawing, but sometimes I will use my Kindle to draw electronically. I’ve been influenced by my Dad in many ways, he’s even helped me a time or two. Here are a few of the pictures I’ve drawn.

These are my renditions of the “Doctor Who” characters:

lauren 1

This is Twilight Sparkle, from “My Little Pony”:

lauren 2

And this is Nick Wilde (right) and Judy Hopps (left) from Disney’s “Zootopia”

lauren 3

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  1. wow u are so good. i loveto draw but i cant draw cartoons. land scapes are my specialty mostly mountains , sunsets, forests, etc


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