Keys Trip

My name is Faith and I am in troop FL9613. This is a picture of me and my friend Jadyn when we went on a trip to the Keys with our Troop. This picture is when we went exploring and found some sea urchins. While we were in the Keys, we went to Key West and looked around at all the shops there. We also went to a place called Fort Zachary. They had cannons and other historical stuff. We got to see all the rooms the soldiers would sleep and work in, the little church, and the hospital where they would go when they were sick. We learned that more soldiers actually died from the West Nile virus from mosquitoes than war wounds. We were going to go snorkeling on a big charter boat but the weather did not agree. Our campsite had a lot of mud but that didn’t stop us from camping and having fun. We stayed for 3 days and went home on the 4th day. My family is planning to go back to the Keys this summer and I can’t wait.


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  1. We are on a vacation at the Keys,too! We went snorkeling and saw a dolphin show. I used to want to be a doctor, but now I want to be a dolphin trainer!

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