Cat Chat: Thumper and Scamper

Hi! My name is Hannah and I am a third year Explorer. I live in Virginia and I am in 6th grade. My grandparents have two cats who are very funny. One of them is named Thumper and is gray and white, like the rabbit in the movie “Bambi”. The other one is named Scamper and is a brown tabby cat. He is named “Scamper” because he is nervous around strangers . They are both half Maine Coon Cat (smaller than the normal size, more regular cat size).

T and S 1
Thumper looks at me after I disturb his watching of the fish tank.


T and S 2
Scamper is grumpy after I disturb his nap to try to take a picture.

Thumper is always turning around when I try to take a picture of him, so it was a surprise when I managed to get this cute picture of him. After I got this picture, he ran away down the stairs.

T and S 6

Thumper has this pink toy mouse that he loves to play with. He whacks it around with his paw until someone takes it away from him.

T and S 7

Thumper really loves to sleep on this chair. He would sometimes sleep there for hours.

T and S 8

When Scamper is feeling happy, sometimes he decides to rub against whatever is closest, which happens to be a flower pot (he does not knock it down).

T and S 9

For some reason, Scamper loves to sit on the dining room table and get cat hair all over it, so wiping the table is very important.

T and S 10

Sometimes when I pet Scamper, he likes to stretch. This particular time, the telephone was in the way of him stretching, so he pushed it out of his way (it did not fall down).

Scamper sometimes likes to investigate the plants around where he sits. This time, he decided to sniff the plant next to him, as well as rub his head on it.

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  1. This was a funny post! If my mom had seen the pictures of the cats being grumpy, she would have said,”That`s a cat for you!”


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