Hailey’s Pets

By: Patriot, Hailey

I have a farm and I raise and show, rabbits and dairy goats in 4-H.

I have 1 goat, her name is Gretchet and she is a one year old Nubian, she is brown, black, and white spotted and she has white ears with brown polka dots on them, she loves to jump around and play with her other goat friends, as well as walk around gracefully.

I also have rabbits, my favorite rabbit is Jewel my Himalayan colored Mini Rex, Himalayan mini rex are white with black points on their ears, nose, feet, and tail, they also have beautiful ruby eyes.  Mini Rex have super soft, dense fur, and they love to snuggle.  I am showing Jewel soon so then I can see what the judges think about her.

I also love photographing my pets, one of my favorite photographs is of my black mini rex Riley, I was able to photograph a picture of her playing in the sun and sniffing the wind, I am planning on entering it in my fairs photography competition in August


9 thoughts on “Hailey’s Pets

  1. I will get a bunny in October if I am responsible. (Mom says I am responsible and I will DEFINITLY get my bunny.)


  2. Hi I’m Alexie my bunny might die please pray for me and my bunny.

    P.S. My bunnys name is K.C.


  3. That is GREAT! I also raise and show rabbits I even have my own rabbitry, Ozarkansas Rabbit Farms. I raise Champagne D’Argents, Americans, Flemish Giants, and Holland Lops. Its really neat to know that their is other AHG girls raising rabbits!!!!!


  4. My sons (all grown up and old – in their 30’s!) showed Mini Rex rabbits at our county fair and through ARBA. They also showed lambs at the fair. They loved 4-H and I thought it was great fun! Riley is beautiful! Good luck at the fair!


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