The Lamp that Melted

By: Explorer, Cate, OH0031

Frances Thimble was now fourteen. In her favorite chair, she was happily reading. The book she was reading was about cowboys who were fighting out west, because Indians were attacking. It was so interesting, she could hardly put it down. Quickly, it was becoming dark outside, as it was 7:00 P.M. Frances, decided to turn on the new lamp that was next to her. The fourteen-year-old girl started to read a little more.

While Frances was reading, she felt hot. She thought she was just excited. In a few minutes, she looked over at the lamp and it was melting! Frances, who was supposed to be quiet because Charlie was asleep, shouted, “Mom! Dad! The lamp is melting!”

Immediately they came rushing in. “Oh no,” sighed Mr. Thimble. “Frances, you go to bed please while we try to quietly clean this up. Okay?”

“Yes, Dad,” she replied. “I am tired, anyway.” She grabbed her book and traveled up the stairs. Once Frances hit the pillow, she fell asleep, dreaming of what she read.

In the morning, Charlie, who had no idea what happened last night, wandered downstairs and sat in the chair, wondering why the new lamp was gone. When Frances came in, she immediately told Charlie what had happened.

“Last night, the lamp melted!” she exclaimed.

“Cool!” replied Charlie. “The new one?

“Yes, that one from the store down the street.”

Sheepishly, Charlie explained why it melted. “Well, you see, the guy at the store told me to not leave it on too long because it melts easily. I guess I forgot to tell you guys. Sorry.”

“Oh Charlie Thimble! How could you forget to tell us?!” sighed Frances, exasperated. “I’m sorry, Frances. I’ll buy a new one with Mom today when we go out.”



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