Cara’s Favorite Badge

By: Tenderheart, Cara, CO0002

My favorite Badge was the Horsemanship Badge. I liked this Badge because I got to ride a real horse named Gracie. She was a white horse and she had spots. I rode her at Wishing Star Farms. The first thing I did was finding the right food that she liked (mostly apples.) Second, build your relationship with the horse and make sure you are very gentle. Third, you may want to try to get on your horse. Fourth, get on your horse and have fun and ride like the wind. I hope you are ready to meet your horse one day and ride your horse to that Badge and I know you will get that Badge. I am looking forward to seeing Gracie this summer at horse camp!


3 thoughts on “Cara’s Favorite Badge

  1. i am also trying to get my horsemanship badge too! i been going on trail rides with my horse named Bonney.


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