Hank the Cow Cat

DeannaHank 2

Hello! My name is Hank. My owner’s name is Deanna. She is a Tenderheart with OK 0412. I am a rescue cat. My first owners couldn’t afford to keep me. I am very glad Deanna chose me. My favorite thing to do is snuggle Deanna at night. I also like to explore my neighborhood, and tease the dogs I live with. They’re not bad for dogs. My favorite sunning spot is behind a curtain in the window sill. It’s very sunny there and I can be close to my family.

Deanna got me a toy that looks like a fishing pole with sparkly strings and bells on it. I like to steal it and hide it when we play. Deanna has hermit crabs that I like to try and catch at night. Deanna has learned a lot of responsibility taking care of me.


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