Standing for Life

By: Patriot, Jojo, VA0031

Now that I am an older teenager, I am finding that many of my friends do not feel comfortable in taking action and using their voice in our community because they were never encouraged to do so.  It makes me very thankful that my parents made me aware of the political and social issues in my community when I was very young and showed me how to stand for what I know is right.

One social issue that I am passionate about is the pro-life cause.  Everyone, no matter how small or undeveloped, deserves a chance at life.  There are two main ways that I have worked for the pro-life cause and have been a voice for the unborn in my community.

Every year, I participate in Forty Days for Life vigils in my city.  Forty Days for Life is an organization that organizes peaceful prayer vigils outside of abortion clinics.  I like to get my friends involved because I have found that it is so rewarding to take a stand in your community alongside people you love.

jojo 1
My friends and I at a Forty Days for Life vigil (I’m in the middle)

For my Stars and Stripes 100-hour service project, I renovated the baby supplies room at our local pregnancy center so that it could be a more functional and beautiful space.  What I loved about leading this project was that my volunteers and I were doing a positive action to support women in crisis pregnancy.  It’s not enough to only protest what is wrong; we must also support people in doing what is right.

jojo 2
Painting wall art for my Stars & Stripes Project

I encourage you to learn more about the social issues within your community and start taking steps to be a part of the solution.  There are so many ways you can help, from reading to children for a literacy program at your local library, to serving at a soup kitchen, to praying at a Forty Days for Life vigil.

I love that one of the pillars of the AHG Oath is to serve in one’s community.  You can be a blessing to other people and live content, knowing that you are making a difference in the world.


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