Being an Artist

By: Pioneer, Laila, VA1878

If you show a color wheel to someone who doesn’t draw or paint, they’ll most likely say colors like green, red, purple, pink, orange, yellow, or blue.  But if you show an artist a color wheel, they’ll most likely say something like crimson ruby red, minty pale green, amethyst purple, pale rose, dawn orange, shimmering sun, or sapphire blue.

If there’s one thing I like about drawings, its the colors I can use. I like using colors such as bright orange, sapphire blue, or ruby red.  The colors set the mood of the painting.  I use blue for sadness, gray for neutral, and red for furious.

The shading also helps with the mood and the lighting.  You would use a darker shading for a creepy feeling, such as black or grey.   You would use a nice pale yellow,beige, or light blue shading for a cheerful feeling. Usually you would shade in things, if you were to create a shadow.  For example, if you were a drawing a person they should always have a shadow.

As you can see, art differs from the eyes of an artist or a non-artist. Next time you see your friends, ask them what colors they say in the color wheel, then ask a fashion designer or an artist.  Take a look at the room around you, what colors do you see?


7 thoughts on “Being an Artist

  1. im an artist myself i like to sketch and paint, doodle. you are very unique in your drawings and i love that in an artist. you could paint amazing modern art when you grow up!


  2. im an artist myself i like to sketch and paint, doodle and do lots of fun projects. one of my fav. things that i drew was a unicorn with a machine gun shooting candy. it says “Why can,t unicorns be tough”.


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