High School Me

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I have big dreams that I want to accomplish by the time high school ends.  My dreams are things that cannot be finished overnight.  They can take months or even years.  But with determination I can accomplish them.

One of the goals I want to accomplish is running.  In high school I want to be a part of track and cross country.  For track I want to be on the top of the varsity team.  For cross country I want to be the fastest and help my high school win the meets.  To accomplish these running goals for high school I will have to train all the time and work extra hard.  Going on runs every other day is a habit that will also help me and I have already started doing that.

Another goal is to be a manager or lighting specialist in a play at my school.  I am not the best actor so behind the scenes is the place for me.  I love to organize and conduct events and because the manager organizes and conducts the play I thought it would be perfect for me.  If I can’t be the manager I would want to be the lighting specialist.  This is intriguing because I enjoy learning new things and because I don’t know anything about lighting in a play.  Lighting and being manager seem like a hard challenge that I would enjoy throughout my high school experience.

To accomplish all the tasks I will have to work hard and practice a lot.  I will have to be dedicated and learn new things.  But I think that I am ready for that task.  The main goal for high school is to try new things and have fun.

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  1. I am homeschooled and I am in Jr. High school and I have problems with my brain. I even do higher grade work.


  2. keep going no matter what! i am homeschooled so i dont get the oppertunity to do those things… you are so lucky!!!!!


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