Emma’s Outreach Story

By: Explorer, Emma

What is more valuable than a diamond? That is right! A heart filled with Jesus! There is an activity going on at my local church called Global Outreach or for short is GO. Global Outreach collects money for missionary people to fly to Africa and help build churches. Let me tell you how to collect money:

Hello! My name is Emma. I want to tell you about a cool thing going on at my local church called Global Outreach. It’s for girls and boys that need to know God and nobody have reached them to tell them the good news. Donate $10 or more at your local church to help build a church in Africa. The best part is watching the pray, which that might lead them to accept Jesus in their heart! Unbelievable! Donate today a child needs God right now!  So, Now lets start saving our money to give to GO or another organization.

Do you want to harvest diamonds or plant seeds of Jesus in someone’s heart?

What mission are you excited about?

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