What It’s Like to be the Youngest

By: Tenderheart, Joanna, SC0516

Hello! My name is Joanna, and I am the youngest of 6 girls in my family, I love it and I don’t love it. The good news is, that Mommy and Daddy love me a lot.  And the bad news is, that I don’t have a little sister. I have two sisters that are married and one has a baby. One is engaged. My niece is like my little sister. I really like taking care of babies and mother’s helping because I don’t have my own little sibling. I hang out with my older sister Lydia a lot, she is 12. She is a writer and she’s amazing at writing, especially poetry. I like to ride my bike around the neighborhood with her. I like drawing with her and painting. What I don’t like about being the youngest is that I don’t get as much ice cream as Lydia does and I don’t like how Lydia talks to herself in bed and keeps me up. We share a room. I do get to play a lot in the summer, and I get a lot of attention because I’m the baby, and I also like waking up early before my family. Thank you for reading this! I hope you learned a little bit about what it’s like to have a big family.

PS. The picture is of me.


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  1. I’m the youngest too, but I only have two older brothers. I bet it’s hard sometimes having a larger family.


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