Pi/Pa Backpacking

By: Patriot, Colette, GA1412

Recently, our Pioneers and Patriots were able to go on our second Troop backpacking trip! We visited Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park, in Pine Mountain, GA.

It was a lovely trip. The trail was absolutely beautiful and we had perfect weather! Most of us brought hammocks (they’re much easier to carry!) instead of tents, so we were able to pitch camp very quickly. It was also my sister’s birthday, so we celebrated out in the wilderness!

Ever since our very first backpacking trip, our Troop has begun a story-telling tradition. We sit around the campfire and pass around the “Story Crown.” Whoever is wearing the crown must tell a story before passing it on. We like to say that the Story Crown makes our creative juices flow. There always are some really hilarious stories – no one can stop laughing!

My favorite experience was praying together as we finished our very last mile on the return journey. Although after our trip we were a little sore, it was worth it!



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