Dog Blog: Mia

Hi, my name is Mia. I have a grumpy brother named Henry. I like to lick people’s faces. And I like to get on the window ledge to soak up the sun. My brother barks at me when I get on the window ledge.

Every time I get a new chew toy, I take out the stuffing in one minute. I am a very friendly dog, my brother not so much.I am a fox terrier and my brother is a rat terrier. My people like to throw my toys and I don’t like to share my toys.

My brother, well all he likes to do is sleep in his chair. He hogs that chair and will sleep with a stuffed animal until I take out the stuffing for him.

One of my favorite people is Ary. She is a Tenderheart in OK 0412. This is a poem she wrote for me.

My dog Mia is so sweet.

She likes to eat.

She is a bit fat and chubby,

but I don’t care because my

dog is  Lovie.


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